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Excursion to Kiskunság National  Park

26 April 2024 14.00–22.00

Registration is mandatory





Upper Kiskunság Steppes

After the Hortobágy region, this is the second largest saline steppe of the Great Hungarian Plain; its most famous part is Apaj. The area is located in the former low-lying floodplain of the Danube River. The bed of former water courses can still be seen in the hydrologic and botanical patterns of the area. After the draining of the area, the high salt content of the soil has enhanced salinization. Presently the landscape is dominated by alkaline carbonate-rich steppes, saline meadows, pastures, playas and, embedded among these, ridges formed by sandy-loessy wind-blown deposits. Present hydrologic patterns are a result of wetland draining initiated in the 1910s and the regulation of the Danube River.










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