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Poster Session

The posters will be available here.



Ádám Bede, Orsolya Valkó, Kristóf Süveges, Balázs Deák

A Sacred Place in the Urban Landscape: the Kálvária-domb (‘Calvary Mound’) in Szentes, Hungary

Rasmus G. Bjørn

Eurasia Connected—Communication Networks of the 4th and 3rd Millennia BC

Balázs Deák, Mariann Bálint, Béla Mester, Orsolya Valkó, János Dani

Restoration of Natural Steppe Grasslands after Archaeological Excavations on Kurgans – A Case Study from Hungary

Dániel Gerber, Zoltán Dicső, Kornél Herpai, Géza Szabó, Róbert Bozi, Noémi Borbély, Gabriella Kulcsár, Botond Heltai, Balázs Gusztáv Mende, Viktória Kiss, Anna Szécsényi-Nagy

Genomic Refugium of Pre-Domestication Horse Lineages in the Bronze Age Carpathian Basin

Alexander V. Gorelik

Examining the Transformation of Europe in the 3rd Millennium BC through a Socio-linguistic Analysis of the IE — pre-IE interface

László Gucsi

Reconstructing Encrusted Patterns

Florian Helmecke

Non-Single Graves in a Single-Graves World. Double and Multiple Burials in Corded Ware Societies

Mykyta Ivanov

Violant Agriculturalist

Svitlana Ivanova

Transport of the Budzhak Culture: Wagons, Sleds, Boats

Petar Minkov

An attempt to Specify the Chronology of Graves (T-3 and T-52) from Zimnicea in the Context of the Yamnaya Culture in Southeastern Thrace

Louise Olerud

Becoming Binary? A Network Analysis into Gendered Burial Practices of the Third Millennium BCE

Violetta Reiter

The Leithaprodersdorf Stele. The Missing Link between Eastern and Western Megalithics

Vajk Szeverényi

Metals, Innovations and the Transformation of Society in the Early Bronze Age Carpathian Basin

Dmytro Teslenko

The “Kvityana Wave”: In Whose Footsteps Did the Yamnaya People go into Europe?

Zheni Vasileva

Spirals of Gold and Silver: The Bijoux of the 3rd Millennium BC


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